A flash light isn't quite sunlight,
But any light at all seems bright when you're looking in the dark
A wet dream isn't the real thing
It isn't really anything, but at least it makes a spark
All is relative
Everything is relative

It's all about the way we receive it
How much we believe it
Depending on the life you lead if you lead it
Compared to yourself
Compared to someone else
You care and if you pick
The threads in your closet
The cash in your wallet
The color of the skin in your blood and how you got it
Compared to yourself and someone else, you care
Everything is relative

Pre-made isn't quite homemade
But pre-made with a home-name
Is almost just the same

Your girlfriend isn't your best friend,
But any friend is best
When you're freezing in the rain
All is relative

You're either underweight or you're unfit
Underdressed or overzipped
Too social or you're just too shy
Too depressed or you're too high
Night to day
Day to night
Rich to poor
Black and white
Everything is relative

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